I've had the ivory tweed jacket for a couple of years - bought at a sample sale. Fits well, looks good, but it never really gets worn. In fact, I'm nor sure I've actually worn it for work. Yikes. One of those things bought with no need in mind. I like the contrast here of ivory and black, and like it with a longer necklace . My shoe game is a little weak at the moment...as much as I love shoes, I seem to repeat the same sorts of looks over and over again and take almost no risks at all. Need to rectify that. I think it's partly due to climate: half the year I'm in boots, and the other 4 months I'm in sandals , leaving only a month or two to wear heavier shoes/pumps/etc. The other reason is for a lack of variety here at retail - not the most fashion-forward city . These are not my favourite shoes by any means, but I did pick these with Angie's "higher vamp closes the gap" suggestion in mind. I personally prefer the ankle and more of the foot showing as I find it prettier , but, never one to not follow the rules...

I picked up the second tweed at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, and this is it's debut . It was SO inexpensive, yet really well made and I'm very pleased with the fit. There are even some nice zipper details to make it look at little more $ than it was. The t-shirt is a new find from my favourite store - a logo t I can actually get behind

outfit 1 - jacket - Olsen sample - old
jeans - Gap kick crops - new
tank - Current Elliot - old
shoes - Browns Couture - last year
necklace - Banana Republic - new

outfit 2 - jacket - Nordstrom random house label - new
t-shirt - CHRLDR - new
jeans - KUT - last fall
shoes - same as outfit 1 - snooze

I think I still need to up the accessories with both of these to take them out of ho-hum territory. Not sure yet what I'll add . I'm sticking with outfit #2 for today (an office/casual day).

Thoughts? Still missing something with these? I just sense that outfit 1 will not get repeated. Sorry - these photos are not quite in order, but that's a little beyond me at the moment

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