Great outfits!I love the red booties with the culottes. The graphic tee and jacket is very modern and cool looking.

Thank you all once again for your kind compliments.

K.M. on the subject of Out of Print tees -- Jenn and I are both lovers of these tees.

For my classic and slightly gamine style a graphic tee can be a great addition. It keeps me from looking "stuffy" or "twee" in some of the classic items I tend to gravitate toward (particularly at my age, with the grey hair). It provides outfit juxtaposition, in other words, and also casualizes some of the dressier items I otherwise might not get a chance to wear in my ultra casual life. Yet at the same time—particularly at my age with the grey hair—a graphic tee could look too juvenile or silly. I like the Out of Print offerings because they have whimsy and conversational value but they're meaningful to me as a writer (and reader).

In terms of fit, they have two main styles. The men's are all crewnecks and fit boxy, long, and loose -- they are also on the whole heavier weight. Almost all of my tees are mens' small, because a crew neck works for me and I wear them semi-tucked -- on me, a men's S is loose but not overly so.

The one in the photo is my only women's tee -- I got it for the colour. The fabric is a bit thinner and the cut is slimmer, but it still works fine. I'd say the women's fits are on the small to TTS side; the men's fits are normal for men's tees.

You look wonderful and I am particularly impressed with and inspired by the tshirt/jacket combination.

Thank you, Suz! I like thinner-fabric tees, which is why I'm always hesitant with print-company tees where they often use non-descript thick cotton ones as their base. Your description encourages me to give them a try. I would love a library card one...

K.M. I think you might like the women's styles then. Some of them have V or U necks as well, for those who prefer that. If I ever see one with a narrow V I will snap it up!

Read the descriptions carefully because the fabrications are different on different tees. I think the one I have would be soft enough for your preference. I also really like one (a men's) "The Raven" -- (black on grey print) -- which seems lighter weight and softer than some of my others. So again, it's variable.

You look gorgeous! I love the tweed jacket. I have the same OOP tee shirt - super fun!

Thanks, Suz, that's good to know that the fabrications are different.

I also followed the link to your gorgeous booties but they were sold out

You look great!
This reminded me that I had lunch with a Canadian liberal MP last month (he was over here for a visit), and as I told him as well, I am a big fan of your PM (as the rest of the world!), except for this: (*very sad face*)

Adding how much I like both outfits too. The tweed with graphic tee and crop with shoes. I love it all. I've long liked the library tees. They are really cute.

You wear silver sneaks like no other, Suz. KILLER x2.

Thanks, Angie! Silver sneaks have been a fun addition with the hair. I also love my white sneakers.

Bella, I know!!! (Re the Guardian piece). It's so disturbing.

Both looks are lovely, but I'm stuck on those culottes, you wear that style really well! And I'm with you, having to dress for crazy temp days. We were 55F yesterday and going up to 81F today. It's very annoying.

You look fantastic in both outfits. I love how you rock those red boots!

Ah, you look wonderful in these outfits, Suz! I may go look at those graphic tees -- I love the optic white background of this one, amazing with your hair. And how has that moto held up? I got rid of my old moto and would love to get an interesting leather jacket this year. That one is really delicious.

Vivian, thank you. The moto is doing great so far. I like its softness. It is a year old now and I've worn it a lot in transitional seasons but not at all in winter or summer. It has a cotton-rich lining which makes it quite breathable.

Adore! Now I covet that tee!!!