The turtleneck link on the last Link Love got me thinking about this type of collar, and the fact I own many which I almost never wear. Yet, I live in a climate where it would make sense to.

My neck is thin, on the longer side, I am a 5'3 IT with b cups, my hair is in a jaw-length bob. A couple of years ago, I wore my hair à la Angie and found turtlenecks worked better with the pixie cut. It wasn't eternal love, but they were practical and conveniently dressed up that part of the body now made naked by the cut. But now that my hair is longer, every time I put one on, I can't wait to take it off. I feel frumpy, matronly. I am careful to have good bras, so it's not that. The only type of turtleneck I can put up with is a black tight one, with a very high collar: but most of them are a bit loose (in a normal way, like a fitted sweater is). And even when I wear the tighter one, it looks better if my hair is up (which it is not long enough to do elegantly with a bob).

I wonder if I'm the only one like this?

I love turtlenecks in outfits I see, it's just that they don't like me I think.