I never wear a turtleneck. I have a long neck and small shoulders. But I notice when I wear a turtleneck that my face looks funny. I don't have issues with my face but I find I look better with a V neck. My face is more square than the models in the photos with turtlenecks. Also I prefer not to draw all kinds of attention to my bust.
Finally turtlenecks strangle me. I can not stand the feeling of anything around my neck.

Style Fan, what a good insight about the face. After I read your comment I went back to the article featuring stylists wearing t-necks. I think a t-neck may sometimes make the face appear larger. It may be because of the disappearance of the neck when hair is down. Without its support, the head becomes round and seems to sit on the shoulders, and suddenly all we see is the face. I imagine that removing the hair allows the eye to recognize and complete the head with its base, making it more harmonious.

I am with you about the strangulation sensation too, in some materials more than others.

This post just answered a questions I've had lately and that is why I haven't been wearing my Tnecks. I usually wear a black Tneck very often in the winter but haven't worn one once this year. In the past I've had longer hair and I always pulled it back in an updo or pony tail while wearing a Tneck. I just always felt like it looked more sophisticated I guess. Right now my hair is not quite shoulder length and does not look that great pulled back so I always wear it down. Thus, I'm not liking my Tnecks. The things we have to think about when changing a hair style!!

I wore my one and only turtleneck sweater yesterday, and was uncomfortable all day long. I just don't like turtlenecks!

Bettycrocker, I'm with you, regarding most t-necks.

I love them and nothing is cosier on a cold day.

I usually layer them under another sweater ( crew or V-neck ) and jackets.

I have lots of love for turtlenecks.
With short hair my neck really feels the cold. If I am not wearing a turtleneck I am wearing a scarf to mimic it!

They don't work for me either. I have an average neck, fairly broad shoulders and a short waist, and the highest neckline I can wear is one that falls just below my collar bone. Most successful for me are soft v-necks and scoop.

For around 8 months of the year, I will use turtlenecks several times a week.

I realize that for some they can be difficult to wear. However, you do know that you don't NEED to wear turtlenecks? If you don't like wearing them, why don't you just wear another kind of sweater, say a crew neck or a V-neck, perhaps with a scarf to keep your neck warm if needed?

LOL, the Cat, yes, but somehow, living in a northern climate and being sensitive to cold, I feel I must!

Actually, since this thread have been started, a year has gone by, my hair has grown and now I am back loving turtlenecks.