Tall boots and full length trousers are music to my ears. I like wearing cropped bottoms and short boots but tall boots and full leg coverage are my personal preference. And the lack of athleisure, well that can't come fast enough. I was beginning to think that soon all I'm going to see are people wearing is PJ's everyday. After all, I don't know what style of clothing is even more casual than gym clothes and lounge wear except for PJ's.

And also, thank you so much for making up this board -- I am going to study it! So far I noted a lot of glen plaids (yay!) and some luxe fabrics, the belting you mentioned.

This is a great news for me. I have only four things on my fall/winter shopping list: knee high boots, pant suit, dress and chain handle shoulder bag. But it seems that I am on trend

I love seeing all the new ideas this time of year. Thanks for distilling down some essentials! I feel like the 70's dressy vibe that started maybe with Gucci has made it's way into everything and I love it!

I also noticed all the tall boots; I haven't really worn mine in a while although I've kept them neatly stored (booties are just so much easier to style, plus when wearing pants....). I also noticed the tall boots plus cropped flares seems to be a thing. I am going to try more skirts and dresses plus tall boots this fall. I think I have some good items; they just need more air time!

*sniffle* No athleisure. *sniffle*

Like the pants, but they can keep the dresses and skirts. Unless I can find a way to wear them without a lot of fuss.

Hmmm, how to wear the tall boots...

Yes, Angie, we will wear tall boots this season. KL, I have those ECCO Hobarts because I can tighten the shaft a little with the buckles. Do the Cole Haan blush boots fit a narrow calf? KKards, I am also liking that styling of black released hem skirt and tall boots.

I bought the brown Hush Puppies boots below at the end of the season, and am looking forward to wearing them this year. I also just bought a pair of navy blue Clarks boots that I'm sure I'll wear a lot.

Thanks Angie...looking forward to busting out the tall boots again (but I never really put them away!).

I LOVE the posts you do on trends! What a wonderful teaser!

I like pretty much everything in this list, surprise, and I'm very much looking forward to shopping for them as they trickle into retail.

By outrageous serendipity, I found just this week a pair of navy Aquatalia tall boots for a price I could afford. These have been on my want-someday-but-may-never-happen list, so I'm super thrilled.

I am so happy to hear about full length pants- I like the warmth when it is cold out. And tall boots. And hopefully I'll finally find some dresses and a skirt or two.
Thanks for the analysis.

Wow, Ginger! Those boots are gorgeous!

A huge thank you Angie for all the hard work you put in and the wisdom you so graciously share. I love fall/winter, but where I live it's a very short lived season. However, in February when we actually had real rain I spontaneously purchased a pair of tall weatherproof boots. I didn't get to wear them much but they are super cozy and I love them! Can't wait to work them into my wardrobe in the upcoming months. And I am looking forward to your F/W post next month

I think I've forgotten how to wear full-length pants. I'm off to your boards to refresh my memory!

Ginger, congrats on the beautiful boots (relatively) cheap!

Hooray for belted dresses with tall boots! Will be more on trend with my winter standard approach - and maybe will find more options (eventually) to replace the two pairs of tall black boots that I've been wearing for many years . . .

And...now I've been wasting a half hour poking around online looking at tall boots. If I'm going to add a pair this year, it may be either a really fab pair of cognac ones that strike the right balance of refined and casual, or a pair of lace-up tall boots (again in the right balance of refined and casual/rocker) to replace the Fryes I had to pass along a couple of years ago because the heel height became just too much to bear. They looked so good but I need a lower heel these days if I'm ever going to bother wearing them.

I know this thread represents immense work, thought and love from you, sweet Angie. As always, I'm grateful!