I like or can live with nearly all of those - and I was thinking of wearing my knee high boots mainly with dresses and skirts this autumn-winter so pleased to see that it's on trend. Am hoping the belting doesn't become ubiquitous as it doesn't become me at all.

I agree Angie that the oversize sweater look is old - unfortunately , some of us - well, me - don't have the body shape to wear more fitted knits. I'll still be buying fluid and loose fitting knits - I have to

Yay! I need a new pair of tall boots. I am happy with of these trends, dresses, pantsuits, modern retro, maximalism, sneakers, etc.

I knew that full length pants would not take too long to come back. Luckily I did not spend much on cropped styles.
I love the skirt or dress look with tall boots. I will be eagerly waiting for your F/W fashion report.

Angie, I can 't thank you enough for sorting these trends for us. I could never do it.
I bought calf-fitting tall boots last year at NAS but only wore them once, usually reaching for booties. I am thrilled that they are back.
With cold winters I welcome full length pants for warmth. A wool pants suit with a casual vibe would be a wonderful find. Yay for winter dresses with tall boots! Maximal dressing! Less athleisure! Long pants! Sneakers (since I have some for winter).

Sounds fun!! I am ready for some 1970s dresses and boots and great jackets with skirts.

Angie, I'm not a fan of full-on workout gear 24/7. Do you think the things I mentioned--sneakers, lycra in suits, "dressy" T-shirts--are offshoots of the wider popularity of athletic gear for daywear, as makers try to get the most popular features for other looks? That's how it seems to me, but I'm clearly in way over my head.

Laura G, lol, yes! Great way of saying it.

Janet, the board will be finished next week. Keep on looking back. Keep the Fryes, and my pleasure.

Laura G, you crack me up.

BC, tall boots weren’t gone. Read my comment further up.

LP, I want midi skirts/dresses to go with my tall boots too. High five.

Rachy, rest assured. ANY form of cropped pant = on trend.

Plonkee, I don’t think belting will become ubiquitous. The People wasn’t stand for it.

Lisa p, as I mentioned before: Fluidity is our friend, and volume in the right places - absolutely. As Janet eloquently put - "ease with structure" is fabulous, and on on all of us.

Dianna, good for you. I want to see you style on the forum. You are lovely.

Joyce B, I hope it’s an exciting skirt and dress season.

Joy, we are going to wear our of put TALL boots this season. Deal?

Sal, me too. Wooohooo. That’s how I’m going to put the elegance back into my style. Casual Equestrian, and Frocks with Tall Boots.

fashiontern, no, entirely. Sneakers came into fashion as a Sporty Luxe trend. Lycra in wovens is all about modern technology addressing the need for comfort, and T-shirts are meant as undergarments and layering pieces if we get to the bottom of things.

And last, skirts and dresses on the runways show plenty of knee-covering length. WHY THE HECK CAN'T THEY GIVE IT TO US AT RETAIL.

Oooh how wonderful. I still have two pr knee high boots I can wear. I loved seeing some really nice menswear styling, suits oh yeah! Some great coats - houndstooth and glen plaid wonderful. I was crushing on Layfayette's fall catalog - so much long over lean, black leather leggings that make your legs look 10 miles long (I actually have those with booties). Floor grazing pants with great jackets - check. Blazers look good and I like how they are layering with sweater or sweater vests. It's awesome that if I wait long enough, I am back on trend!! Too funny!!

Thanks for the fashion tips! These are all good news to me, except for the mid-section belting (sigh). I will be happy to pack most of my cropped pants into the Summer clothes bin; I never mastered the art of wearing short pants in cold weather. I really admire one trend that you include in your photos---yours is a Nils Lotan ensemble, but I've seen the same silhouette from other designers as well--long, very wide, almost skirt-like trousers paired with a long, very fitted tailored jacket. I think it's the most elegant new look I've seen in ages. Great on the tall and lean, much more difficult for someone my size, but I haven't totally given up on some version of it!

Love tall boots and dresses, and also feeling some fondness for pantsuits. I think this may be the year for me to look for true knee high boots. My tall boots, which are probably tall on most people, are not that tall.

I am liking the sound of this. I love tall boots. I may not buy any (buying any footwear is a major feat) but I love to look at boots. Long pants are always my friend. And did someone say camo?

So glad my tall boots are on trend for the next bunch of years! And full length, floor grazing pants

Gryffin, there's a LONG military blazer in olive at WHBM that made me think of you. Sharp. See Find.

Tulle, I'm glad you haven't given up. Wear the look YOUR way.

Staysfit, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Style Fan, what are your exact foot and shoe challenges? You'll love all the earth tones that are trending.

Thanks for the teaser! I haven't wore my tall boots for a long time - I have the feeling this will be changing soon. I love the look of pantsuits too. Not really lifestyle appropriate, but that never stopped me before .

I am waiting, very impatiently, for your fall 2017 post. But, yea tall boots!!!

I love tall boots!!!

Looking forward to wearing my new NAS tall boots (waving to boot twin Angie, and others!) and also my older knee high boots. Hey, maybe I'll even get my grey suede heeled boots out for a spin!

I can't wait for the full report. I will figure out which of these trends work for me and my very casual life, and enjoy the others vicariously through YFL. I hope embroidery is not going away any time soon.

It does take so long for high fashion trends to work their way into my world; I will have plenty of time for my eye to adapt to the ones that don't currently grab me.

I'm with Smittie--the fall shows are always overwhelming to me. I don't know how you make sense of it all, but I'm glad you do!

Oh, Angie, besides being a super mega talented and skilled stylist you are so sweet. I promise I will post once work slows down a bit and I have time to change my only full time mirror to a place with better lighting.

I'm excited for the resurgence of tall boots. Mine have been packed away for several years, getting only a little bit of wear. But they're all in great shape, fit my legs well, and are flat--I passed on my only pair of heeled tall boots a while ago--so very wearable.

I've got black, cognac, and blush, which is the whole complement that I need. I'm trying to stay away from navy because I wear so much blue denim. I wouldn't mind another pair in grey if it's the right shade... but I need to remember that I still live in California where it's never truly boot weather!

Ooh, can't wait for your final post on the trends, Angie.

Were there many OTK boots?

I love knee-high boots, but I too have a slim calf. I'm so glad you found a pair that works for you, Angie!

I'm probably the only person on YLF who is not a tall boot person (for myself only); too hard to fit and my climate doesn't require them. My last pair of boots got buried in the back of my closet and I was so surprised that I even owned a pair! Which means that particular purchase would be a waste of money for me.

I've noticed more wide waist belts being sold over the past year or so, but not the dresses, skirts, or pants with which to wear them. Maybe now we'll see them?

I do love maximalism. . .

Yay for tall boots! I never stopped wearing them. They make a lot of sense when wearing dresses in winter. It will be great if they start trending again because more styles will be available! I desperately need a new taupe or light tan coloured pair. I am sorted for black and brown tall boots.
I like the other trends too.

Thank you for posting the fashion trends of fall-winter. Tall boots are a must have for winters. It not only offers warmth but also are super comfortable. I can't wait to grab a new pair this fall.

Yeah my 2011 tall leather boots have just hit 42 wears. I have worn them quite a few times this winter including today and am pleased I kept them for the years perhaps 2014-16 when I didn't wear them as much, being enamoured of booties. They will come back into their own, yay! I still like them and they are still in good nick. Hopefully next winter for us, almost a year away, they will still be trendy.

thank you...i love when you do these seasonal trend reviews, really helps me to focus...
and this tall boots and skirts trend....taking me back to high school, loved that look and now you have me longing to wear it again....in fact i'm obsessing over this look from your board....

Not at all sad if we say good-bye to athleisure. I find it hard to believe it will happen any time soon, but I'll keep hoping it's one of those trends that will slowly filter out, per your note.

Tall boots with dresses and skirts are very 70s and incredibly flattering. It makes me want a DVF wrap dress and your blue boots, Angie. Excited for that trend!

Thanks for this --- I enjoyed perusing the Pinterest board, and will return later!

I love tall boots, but have difficulty finding a good fit, being in-between regular and wide calf sizes, usually. I also would find it difficulty to pull them on an off every time I enter a client's home. For this year, at least, I'll be finding ways to refresh my booties with updated versions!

Like you, fluidity with structure (what I call "flow") is preferred to the oversize trend! I'm looking forward to fluid garments with real shoulder seams, for example!