Just got back from seeing my Dad in the Netherlands for 8 days. It was a great trip. My darling Papa was happy, and is thankfully doing quite a bit better at the moment. Summer agrees with him.

My travel capsule worked out perfectly. I felt pulled together, fresh, polished and comfortable each day. My outfits were sufficiently pretty and practical, and adequately professional when they needed to be.

It was unexpectedly warm for the first three days, and coolish for the rest. Walked my feet off and had very happy feet. As I predicted, I wore two pairs of loafers throughout the trip, and left the sneakers for plane travel. You can see most of the outfits I wore below - mixed and matched as I desired. Lots of colour and variety, which made me happy. LOTS of people in the Netherlands wear double denim, and I happily participate my way.

Saw my dear friend Inge on the trip. She looked fabulous, and we had a BALL shopping in Arnhem. Bought wonderful goodies for Fall, which we'll share later. Always great to spend time together.

Saw my brother who flew in from London. It made my Dad literally sing with joy to have both kids together. Priceless.

The East side of the Netherlands where my Dad lives - right on the German border and in the opposite direction of Amsterdam - is GORGEOUS. Very picturesque and small-town-fab. It's getting lots of hip restaurants and stores, and is becoming quite the happening place. Our family does good food in a big way, hence the pics below. We eat well, and walk it off.

#15 is my favourite brekkie. You can't beat the very best Dutch multi grain bread with the best Dutch cheese. Had it daily.

The last pics are on the day of departure where my Dad and friends saw us off at the bus stop. I'm wearing my travel outfit and traipsing my luggage around. I was homesick and needed a little reminder of Seattle before getting to Schiphol.

All pics taken with my iPhone 6 Plus. For those who are interested, enjoy. xo

ETA: My small cross body bag experiment as a second bag option worked well. Also, at this stage, I don't think I'll ever wear heels again.