I'm packed, and fly out to the Netherlands tomorrow. Gone for 8 days. It's the usual type of trip where I just hang out with Dad

No more heatwave in the Netherlands. It's down to the usual daily highs  of 23 to 28 Celsius during the day. 

I've been sharing what I pack every few months in a blog post for almost two years, and it's getting old because it's the SAME thing across the seasons. Don’t want to bore you.

So for those who are interested, this is EXACTLY what I've packed along with undies, sleepwear, toiletries and presents for family. A slew of dresses, white jeans, gigham pants, two tops, a few jackets, many pairs of flats, a scarf, and LOTS of colour. See Finds. 

My travel outfit is separate and I've shown that in the first comment here.