A beautiful and cheerful capsule with so many gorgeous dresses. Have a safe and smooth flight and enjoy this precious time with your Dad.

Not boring ever! I always enjoy and learn from these posts.

I am so happy that you get to see your dad frequently (although I'm sure you both wish it was more). I was fortunate to have the flexibility to visit my dad often as he aged. I love reading your visit posts. And they remind me of cherished memories (your dad looks a lot like mine).

Absolutely not boring! I love seeing the capsules and the mix of clothes. I love the gingham pattern mix.

Wishing you safe travels and a warm and wonderful visit with your Dapper Dad. Angie, I look forward to each and every post you make! I enjoy seeing your travel capsules. All are inspiring. I am loving the bright and bold prints you are taking. I imagine you are a ray of sunshine to your dear dad.

Wow, so cheerfull, inspiring and still light! Safe travels and have a wonderful time with YLFPapa!:-)

Looking forward to seeing those pretty dresses in action irl!-) And can't wait to see you, my sweet friend!!!

Sam is so adorable, I love the photo of you together. What a wonderful, bright capsule. So full of variety and possible combinations.

I always love seeing your packing posts. I aspire to be a genius packer like you! I’m heading down to NJ next week to visit family and spend a few days at the Jersey shore. I will be using your packing posts as a guide!

You have been traveling a lot in 2018, truly! I guess "on the move" is your theme for 2018.

It's great to see that your WHBM embroidered cargos still in the mix. Mine are going strong, too. I'm wearing them with bright orangey red this summer. They turned out to be one of my best purchases of 2017.

Don't stop posting your travel capsules ! They are always a source of inspiration and good ideas. Your travel schedule is exhausting to just read about - don't know how you do it. Enjoy your time with your papa

I'm rushing this morning, ladies. No matter how organized you are - the day of travel means a hundred things to do...

A quick chime to say thanks for the sweet words, and the chuckles. Good to know you aren't bored of my travel capsules yet. YES, my travel schedule is HECTIC this year. No rest for the wicked

I love reading about your packing strategy, and looking at your beautiful colorful capsule. Do I spy new white sandals?

Your fashion is never boring!Hope you have a good trip.

Packing is always different because of predicted weather and limited space. I love your choices and enjoy when you share them in trip photos. Have a wonderful visit with dad.

Smooth travels and warm wishes for your visit, Angie.

I always enjoy your travel capsules and appreciate that you share them.

I love all the colorful outfits, have a wonderful trip.

Thanks for answering, Angie, they look lovely. I guess there is no find for them yet. Have a wonderful trip!

But I LOVE your travel capsules. And this one is different. Dresses! Not jeans on the plane! I like how you apply a concept and change a little bit each tIme to meet the particular circumstances. I still struggle with capsules, personally. Safe travels, Angie. I hope it is a good trip.

Love your travel outfits. I always take too much. I don't trust my clothes too work when travelling.
Wonderfull that you see your father every three or four months. I feel that very strongly, because I have to say farewell to my (step)father this Friday.

Lovely capsule! I tend to pack mostly neutrals when traveling but this is so much prettier! Enjoy your visit with your dad!

I love travel posts! It makes me long to put together my own capsule. I do have a few trips planned but not for a couple more months. Have fun!

I hope you have a delightful visit with your sweet dad!

Sorry, not sorry, Angie, but I LOVE your travel capsule posts! They might be boring to you, but to me, they are an endless source of fascination. I hope you'll keep them coming!