Hi All

Thanks for your help on the post previously


I am almost packed for departure in three days time.

I think my capsule is good - here it is


Hiking shoes
EVA Birks (new)
White leather sneakers
Flat sandals

smart joggers
linen pants
denim shorts
floral skirt

Light tops and tees
Black tee
Linen shirt
Denim shirt
Navy tee
Lilac merino tee
long sleeve striped tee (or another gear grey top)
floral cami

Warm layers
puffer jacket
lilac merino sweatshirt
scarf x 1
thermal tank x 1

swimsuit x 1
running shorts x 2
leggings x 1
gear tops x 2

In Adelaide I will wear the jeans and joggers, with the light puffer and merino top as my warm layers. I think a shirt, tank and puffer will be warm enough. White sneakers will be my shoe choice with the hiking boots as a backup if needed for any reason.

On the train I have my linen pants and joggers as options, along with some gear for the walks and excursions. The merino sweatshirt will keep me warm along with the scarf for air conditioning. I will mostly wear the white sneakers along with the hiking boots for the walks.

Once I get to Darwin, I will put the jeans and puffer and white sneakers away and be wearing shorts, floral skirt, long linen pants along with gear. I will do laundry at least once, probably twice!

I am wondering about a pool coverup - I have a dress I could take that could be worn also for driving the truck or at nights in the campground. I could swap out the matching set (skirt and cami) for the dress. I don't have a wide brim hat but think I might look to purchase a cloth one over in Australia (my straw one is a pain to travel with)

I am not sure whether to take the long sleeve striped tee or a grey technical gear top.... there may be room for both.

I hope it all fits in the bags! I am taking a checked bag and think as I will wear the puffer jeans and sneakers on the plane, they are among the more bulky items.

Exciting times - feedback welcomed!!