Hi All

I am going on a travel adventure in late May and early June.

  • I fly to Adelaide (with my Dad) and we have two nights there. It is late Autumn/early winter weather.
  • We then take the Ghan (train) to Darwin for two nights (three days). Train is air conditioned but there are some active excursions along the way.
  • I meet DH in Darwin, pick up a 4WD with a rooftop tent and we make our way to Broome over 11 days.

    (My Dad is then going on an adventure tour- he leaves us in Darwin - he's going to remote WA Cattle Stations/ranches at 83)

    It will be the dry season (hot and muggy and then hot and dry with some cooler nights). I cannot imagine needing anything dressy during this time - it will be shorts, tees, hiking shoes, swimsuits etc

  • I have to take soft luggage and want to travel relatively lightly but will check bags.

As always footwear is the tricky one.

Non negotiable
- Merrell hiking shoes

- black and white rollie (sneakers) for flights and Adelaide and Ghan
- birkenstocks for travel in the north

- should I purchase EVA birks for showers and waterholes and take my black or tan sandals as an alternate for driving and any evenings out
- if I go walking in Darwin or Adelaide do I wear the hiking shoes or take my running shoes as well?
- do I purchase TEVA sandals?

I love birkenstocks but I can't walk for miles in them (I need an ankle strap) and Adelaide in late autumn will require covered shoes.

What would you take for this type of travel with three or four footwear choices?

Thanks in advance!