I just went on a four night trip away to visit my 19 year old son and stay in his student flat. He has an internship in his university city.

It is very late spring/early summer and the activities planned were walking, seeing family, shopping, and watching him play tennis.

I packed (finds below)

Olive Rains Raincoat
Fluro lightweight running jacket
Lilac Merino
Denim Shirt
Striped breton (mine has long sleeves)
floral blouse
black tee
Black joggers
Olive joggers
White denim shorts (jeans below cut off)
Purple leggings
White birks
White laceups
Green cross body bag

Running short and tank (not in finds)

Running shoes (not in finds)

As it turned out the weather was wet for the first two days and our day trip and the tennis viewing were cancelled. I am also recovering from muscle strain and fatigue so I did less physical activity than normal and just took it easy.

Here are my outfits

1. Friday - work from home, travel by air, go to see James Bond movie
(Saturday not pictured - wore the breton, olive joggers and a variety of shoes depending on activities including browsing at markets and walking)
2. Sunday - shopping with son at mall (it was mad and awful). Note hair that needs addressing.
3. Sunday night - meal out with BIL and SIL
4. Monday walk all in purple
5. Monday sightseeing
6. Tuesday -Flying home - straight into work meetings

Unworn were the running gear, the white shorts and floral blouse. I could have worn them yesterday as it was extremely hot but I was out all day and had packed at 8am. I did go for another walk and doubled up on the merino two days in a row (this one included the raincoat). I picked the green bag because I like it - but I am not sure it is a great match with the blazer.

It was lovely to get away - have included a couple of photos of Christchurch.

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