We're now two weeks out from our nearly-monthlong trip to Europe, with stops in Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Antwerp, and several places in between.

Here's where the travel capsule stands right now. We've had plenty of cool, rainy weather in LA over the past month for me to get a feel for what works, given the expected weather. We'll handwash and take advantage of hotel laundry as we go along.

3 pairs of shoes: combat boots, Rothy's Mary Janes, and Vans.
2 bottoms: black wideleg trousers and straight-leg jeans
3 dresses: yellow crinkle dress, black cotton maxi, velvet button-front (also works as topper)
3 tops: Mickey tee, long-sleeve silk blouse, short-sleeved merino tee
Camis and tanks: 3 cotton tanks, 1 silk tank, 3 silk camis
2 pullovers: yellow cashmere v-neck and black sweatshirt
3 toppers/outerwear: puffer jacket, embroidered duster, trench
3 scarves: shibori poncho (also works as topper), velvet skinny scarf, silk bandana
Pajamas, swimwear, tights, and underclothes: not shown

I'm hoping this all fits in a carry-on, assuming I wear the bulkiest items on the plane. If it doesn't, I'm going to have to re-think.