I’m excited for you, Jenn, and a bit envious of Jules in Paris now!

I think you’ve got a very versatile, layerable capsule here that should see you through pretty much any occasion or situation.

Safe and happy travels to you.

Looks like a well thought out capsule. And you are bringing my favorite - the velvet duster! My problem with carryon only is always the toiletries and I can't imagine doing it for a month but it makes perfect sense since you will be moving around. Have a great time, sounds fabulous!

Hi Jen, I traveled for a year with a carry-on and messenger bag. I did not put my puffer or waterproof shell in my suitcase, and I wore my bulkiest shoes on every flight. It looks to me like your well planned travel capsule should fit just fine. One question, is your trench waterproof? That will be important in Europe. So happy and excited for you to have this wonderful travel opportunity! Enjoy every moment!

I have traveled a lot — always in a carry-on — and I think your collection will fit just fine, especially if you have an additional personal bag to carry for overflow. I always need to be very careful about footwear, so my initial concern was whether these shoes will be comfortable enough for so much walking. They wouldn’t be for me, but I’m sure this is something you’ve thought through. I love those Rothy’s. Are they very cushiony? Is there good arch support?

Excellent capsule. I might be tempted to pack another item in the bottom category, but that's just my rule of thumb. That dress probably fits the bill.

If you want to see Amsterdam like a local, DM me. Spring is well on its way, but don't forget to pack umbrellas. waterproofs etc.