Hi all

It is still pretty warm here, but I’ve broken out my boots in any case. I have decided that I have a high tolerance for boots in warm weather (new YLF expression). Actually, a high tolerance for boots in any weather.

Outfits 1 and 2 were taken over Easter while visiting friends.

Outfit 1: casual lunch. New necklace and top. After the 30 x 30 challenge I said I needed more interesting solid coloured tops (and NOT patterned tops). I liked this top because of the colour and shoulder detail. The jeans are straight leg jeans.

Outfit 2: casual dinner. New blazer (I am right into the blazer + jeans formula for this Autumn.) The necklace is vintage Chanel (a gift from DH).

Outfit 3: work. This is my favourite work silhouette in Autumn - A-line skirt with boots. I like the way the skirt lets me stride out, especially with the hands free cross body bag and flat boots. It’s very liberating. Plus it’s a bit 70s. I am wearing my older DVF bag with my newer RM detachable guitar strap. The tan boots are new (to supplement and eventually replace my taupe pair). They are a little loose around my calves but close enough I think. They were only $80, so I could afford alterations if necessary. My husband really likes this outfit so I have worn it a few times already this Autumn. The second pic shows an earlier version. Squares, stripes and circles!

Outfit 4: dinner for a friend’s birthday. The top has a fine black stripe, which means that there is a triple pattern mix with the floral skirt and colour block bag. You can’t really see the colour of the top in the home pic, so I included an edited photo from the venue. We sat outside next to the harbour and had a magic night.