It's been so fun to read everyone's year-in-review posts! I was looking back over my edited and added items again this morning and thought it might be fun to ask the forum:

What have been your biggest hits and misses this year? Was it a trend, color, or silhouette you tried and loved (or decided it wasn't your thing)? A wildcard purchase that became a beloved workhorse? Something you've loved, but are finally ready to leave behind?

Some of my biggest hits were new items:
a thrifted jaquard leopard peacoat - total wildcard for me. I try to avoid leopard print on my top half for fear of looking like Peg Bundy, but the low contrast and flat weave of this coat have made it a winner.
my winter Vans - I lived in Converse when I was in SF, so it's been great to find a warm sneaker that is super comfy on my feet. I will definitely replace these when they wear out.
sherpa lined hoodie - Received as a gift and fell in love. I will never be without one of these! We keep our house cold in the winter and this hoodie is the best.
black moto jacket - this was an expensive crapshoot for me. I haven't worn black in at least a decade, but I love moto jackets, so when I found one with satin hardware that wasn't a deep black, I jumped on it.

My biggest misses:

The Zara ugly couch blazer - why did I cut tags on this?? *sigh*
Floral sleeveless top - What was I thinking?! The shirred bodice and peplum hem were not working on my body. Bonus fail points for being a summer-style top made of 100% polyester....
Boden polka dot skirt - an expensive miss. Lesson learned: I do not need to buy something just because it's green.