I share the frustration of poorly constructed pieces that don't last a season. Pilling, fading, seams coming undone... UGH.

For those who asked about the ugly couch blazer - it fits nicely and it is well-made. But the threads of the jacquard are metallic, making it shiny and "loud" (I am certain that is what attracted me to it in the first place). I've tried dressing it down, but I feel like I am wearing something from Liberace's closet instead of my own.

These have all been SO fun to read! Thank you everyone for indulging me

@nemosmon- would you consider a workshop post with the offending jacket to see if it can be styled to bring down the bling factor? Sort of like de - bombshelling a too sexy item.

Aw, I like the jacket and the skirt. But the point isn’t what I like—it’s what feels like you.

My best purchase this year was clearly my cape/vest.

My worst mistake was.... not in the realm of fashion. Clothing-wise, it’s probably going nutso on the jumpsuits and buying three. There’s also this blazer, which I bought at the end of 2018, that I can never quite figure out what to do with. It gets thumbs up on here whenever I post it, but so far isn’t part of my life.

Oh I am so jealous of the lulu maxi puffer, stylefan!

And of the Chloe bag, Brooklyn!

Sally, jumpsuits are Your Look. Milk the jumpsuit! I love those diadoras too.

Omg, Angie and Torontogirl — the Eccos sneakers are freakishly supportive while not being too squishy. So perfect. Lots of room in the toe box too.

My misses were:
- blazers. I feel like I should like blazers. I like how they dress up a jeans-and-sneakers outfit. I also like structure. But the fit is just slightly off in most blazers and any wrinkling and bunching is enough to prevent me from wearing them.

- grey lululemon sweatshirt. It catches on my hips and that bothers me.

- shirting. Ive figures out that cotton button downs are an excellent outer layer for the summer in the office. I can wear an undershirt for warmth. I also found some that fit me nicely and don’t pull.

- Zara Lace-up gladiator sandals — go with cropped pants really well.

- Lululemon love tee III in pima cotton — expensive, holy cow! But it has a perfect neckline and length (and a curved hem, I might add). It is perfection and therefore, worth it.

Can't say I feel I've had any misses this year.

I came to love lilac, and I am very pleased that midi dresses and block heels are back.

Among my biggest hits:
● Shortsleeved pink floral summer dress
● Charcoal straight leg jeans
● Midnight blue simple but glamorous-looking bathing suit
● Light blue highnecked, longsleeved blouse with tiny structured ruffles
● Lilac turtleneck pullover
● White block-heeled sandals with ankle straps
● Midnight blue block-heeled suede mules
● Birkenstock style sandals in navy, white, silver, and black (yes, 4 pairs--wear them as house shoes year round)
● Extremely comfortable and supportive lilac hiking shoes
● Simple white cardigan that can be worn year round
● Two long, warm non-neutral cardigans (lilac and cobalt)
● Large grey silk scarf with an abstract print containing virtually all my (cool) wardrobe colors
● Red tote bag

Fun thread.

My hits are:
Madewell - Cali cropped flare Jeans and 3 sweaters. The jeans are so soft and comfy, the high waist is flattering. The sweaters are each getting worn 2 or 3 times a week. I looked for wool sweaters this year and these are high quality. Starting to pill but I've worn them a lot.

Nordstrom mesh dress - So comfy and forgiving, I know I will wear it a lot.

Rag and bone velvet pants - high rise, stretchy, wish I had more of these.

Cole Haan Wool Duffle jacket - so disappointing. I was sick of my dark long puffer so went for an olive green wool hooded jacket for a change. I don't have a lot of winter jackets so pretty much wear the same one every day. I thought because it was wool it would be warmer but it is not. The beautiful gold clasps are fussy to undo/redo, the neck hits at a really awkward place, too low to be warm and too high to be comfortable. Worst of all I have 3 pets and it collects dog hair like crazy, as much as I lint roll I cannot keep it clean. Such a bummer but it was expensive for me so now I have to keep it and wear it.

Shoes - My feet have started reacting to any kind of shoe material or adhesive that touches my skin other than leather. So I have 2 adorable pair of booties that cause a rash where they hit my bare skin above my ankle. My leg has to be covered where ever those shoes touch.

Gads, the ugly couch blazer is a 2018 purchase; not from this year!! So, I guess the good news is there is one fewer miss than I thought I had

Carla - I could try to dress it down, I've tried distressed jeans, a white tee and dad sneakers, but honestly, I could wear pjs with it and it would still feel weird. I would feel less over-the-top wearing a string of christmas lights!

Re: the coach blazer. What if you wore it over a gold slip dress? Or a colomn of burgundy red, trousers and a polo neck? It does look like a gorgeous garment! Don't Marie Kondo-it away just yet! I believe it has potential in your wardrobe

nemosmom, I just love your green polkadot skirt and imagine that it could be styled in numerous ways year round. Have you considered wearing it with one of your graphic tees and your fabulous moto jacket?

This is a fun read because one often feels no one else ever has misses. I did not buy much this year and I tended to do replacing but could not find the quality or colors I wanted. My hits have been wide jeans and autumn earth tones that I have not worn for years. Some may be turning into losers because the higher waist line rubs on a new glucose meter attached to my abdominal area that is not supposed to get bumped. It also causes a bump under tops that I do not like and I need to just wear loose dresses. Loose pants fall down ( no hips). Tunics look too long and turn me into a stumpy gnome.