Angie, I have a Winter and a Summer pair and love them to bits!
Still I feel very much in the minority here wearing them, but don't mind at all.
They are so nice to wear and the best combination of flowy but practical.

I rather like culottes due to the more flared "A" shape, but I'm having a hard time with today's blog look for *myself* and *my* body. It brings up too many images of my aunties and other older women, and since I'm in my 60s, I just don't want to go there.

That being said, I have a pair of lined, wide leg slightly drapey pants that aren't PPL unless I wear very flat shoes. I haven't worn them in several years or more, so maybe I'll crop them since I have nothing to lose. Or get lazy and have Nordstrom do it for me. All white shoes/sneaks never feel right on me, probably because they don't yet bookend my hair, and t-shirts are almost always too cold for me or aren't crisp enough or SOMEthing. So, I'd do this look my way.

Gotta stop procrastinating on my taxes, but those pants are becoming more and more of a project. Cropped pants show off my relatively trim ankles which I find a better bet than skinnies which (ahem!) show off my heavy thighs and calves.

I still love my skinniest and baby boot cuts. My short stature makes slimmer-legged pants look a lot better.

You are so funny, Angie.
One of the main things I've learned from YLF is never say never about a fashion trend. It takes me a while for most things, and then I come around to liking them, whether I buy them for myself or not.

I find some styles work for me and I embrace them right from the start. Wide legged pants of any length have always been my friend. I also like high waisted pants. I hopped on the boyfriend jeans train right from the start. But skinnies. Never. They give me ice cream cone legs.

Now, this is the case when duplicating (last year) my skinny ankle pants now hurts! I was dressing them today with patent oxfords and somehow didn't feel the same(??). I. JUST. COULD'T. EXPLAIN...Sobbing:-((.

I am excited to see what new options we'll get at retail. I've ordered a GAP pair of dark rinse denim high waisted wide leg crops. Will see how they work out. I got my regular size and they were a bit snug -- just on the edge of okay -- probably due to my winter's indulgence but possible they will feel better a size up, so I have ordered to try.




Angie, do you have any recommendations for the short-legged among us? They are all ankle length on me and I worry that hemming will ruin the shape!

Mary, these are the ones that have worked best on petites - like 5ft 2 petites - who have hacked.

Boom! Done! Thanks!

Gloat away. I was an early adopter of these & love them, they have updated everything. What's next?

DS and I visited several art schools near Toronto last week, and I saw many wonderful stylings of wide-leg crop pants on female students. I'm game to try them myself; just need the weather to warm up.

I'm hanging back with Anchie and Susie on this one. I like some of the outfits and styles I've seen with wide crops, but my instinct continues to say "nope" for me. I'm a reluctant convert to new bottom silhouettes. I wore this style in the past, but was way younger and skinnier. Plus most of the styles are high rise, which, as we saw in a recent fitting room post, does not look fab on me. If the perfect pair appears in front of me, perhaps...

I guess we all don't need to embrace every new trend, huh?

Cheesy culotte grin!

The inseams on most of these bring them, on my short legs, to just above my flat shoes. In other words, they give the appearance of a highly un-intentional-looking anti-PPL, not an intentional fashion statement.

I may try the ones you recommended to MsMary, Angie. If I have to hack, what's the ideal proportion for these (i.e., how far above the ankle or below the knee looks best)?

I have so many iterations of these pants it could almost be a uniform for me. I have them in heavy wool knit, lightweight crepe, linen...etc.

Change the shoes/boots/under pinning and it's 12 month appropriate.

I have found that on my linen ones, a crisp center crease ironed in makes the look more vertical than horizontal and thus more flattering to my eye.

YAY, ladies.

April try a little shorter at 3 to 4 inches above the ankle.

I'm onboard with this trend! I love my skinnies but there's something so relaxed about this look, and now that winter is ending i'm eager to expose my ankles. I'm waiting for these Loft pants to arrive this week, in fact.

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It's funny but true, that something new starts out as a "no way" and turns into a "yes please." I'm right there with people who didn't like skinnies when they came out and now where them often.

Smirk on, Angie: spot on as usual. And thanks for breaking down proportions, tops, length, drape, fullness, etc, into understandable bits. I love the silhouette.