I was running errands this afternoon thinking about Angie's blog. I realized why I have such a hard time buying tops.

I live in the South. I have to launder or dry clean my tops after every single wearing with rare exceptions.

Although this should have been obvious, I just never gave it any thought before today. I need summer tops that can stand up to heavy laundering and don't need a lot of ironing. And I certainly don't want a lot of tops that have to be dry cleaned.

This makes buying tops really hard and very frustrating for me. I never enjoy the process.

This might also explain why I slowly moved away from wearing button down shirts. It is a summer thing! It is not that I don't like them anymore. I just don't want to deal with them during the summer months. So button downs are a winter tops for me and I have lots of other competing winter tops.

Yes. It was a long traffic light.