Hi again YLF --

I wasn't kidding when I said I was looking for fast, easy, flexible, and relatively cheap storage hacks for my tiny master / bedroom closet.

[Photo 4 shows the more urgent closet situation!]

I added just a few of your many wonderful suggestions to my "hmmmm, what if?" ideas and in less than a week have a more functional space that makes me so much happier when I open the door.

This and the dresser you see are about 99% of my 3-season + winter wardrobe. It's one time being boring and fairly minimalist about shoes paid off. Except when buying my rolling solution, as it was the most expensive thing purchased.

One fail: I do wear tall boots and couldn't fit my 3 pairs in.

A little Makeshift Molly in the end, but I love that I can deconstruct it in 5 minutes if needed.

Thanks again for all the help resetting my thinking!



Photo 1: Closet and its context
Photo 2: More -- and more efficient -- floor space!
Photo 3: Shoe storage solution plus gaining extra upper shelving
Photo 4: TBD but will be referencing earlier thread for ideas! ps this is roughly the same size as my closet, but door design makes access soooo much better