Hi YLFers --

After years and years fixing so many of the big things in my old house, I swear it's the tiny closets that might do me in!

Attached is my main closet*, snapped with winter wear. [ETA added wider BR shots for context]. I use a dresser for the usual socks&underwear/pjs/lounge/workout stuff, but I'm a hanger (even of most sweaters). So I really need to maximize the space.

Unfortunately, all the "small closet tips" I'm finding tend to be for larger closets or for folks who apparently don't wear a lot of dresses and skirts.

  • I may be the last to discover the old "hang a bar off your bar" trick, but $13 later it's implemented. The stacked bins make some of the lower bar unusable, but I just put them there and it's been a huge functional improvement -- they're for alterations / casual pants (top) and laundry (lower).
  • I undid a prior switch to lovely wood hangers and went to almost all slimline petite/jr-sized ones, which also fit the shoulders of my clothes better.
  • I wrangled some ancient classy milk-box wire cubes up on the top shelf and did gain a better way to store out-of-season bags and extra pillows along with a few in-season things.

I know I could paint and find more attractive storage cubes, but is there anything else functional you love in your past/current closet I could consider?

ps I live with someone extremely opposed to hanging lots of stuff on the backs of doors so can't do some mega-storage thing there.

*Disclaimer: I have under the eaves storage for my summery stuff + a portion of another, even tinier closet for super-formal wear and in-season shoes.