I have been thinking about doing this post for awhile now, so finally here it is. Roxanna's post on thrifting has brought it to mind again.
The title of my post kinda tells it all. I do not understand what thrifting is.
For example, exactly what places do you go for thrifting and how do you find them? Of course I am familiar with certain stores where clothes are donated (I have donated to some) and presumably they are resold for charitable purposes.
I have in the past gone into places that had clothes and sometimes other things for sale and proceeds were for charitable purposes. In thinking back, I went with a friend and she selected things for me (which I bought but never wore them much) then I would donate them sometimes same place, sometimes elsewhere.
Bottom line, I never see anything that looks any better than what I donate or have at home. I could go on and on with questions, but that is what I am coming to you all for. Just tell me anything you want to, no matter how simple.:) As a matter of fact, simple would be better. I doubt I could keep up with anything very complicated
I really enjoy your posts about the gorgeous things you find and especially when they are a good price point.