Shopping at thrift stores can be rewarding for folks who seek to be frugal, and for those who get pleasure from the thrill of the hunt. It can also be considered ecologically minded, since it is effectively recycling. Though not usually a source of TRENDY items, thrifting is a good place to find CLASSICS or discover a WILDCARD.

In my shopping update post, Joy posted some strategies for thrift shopping. I agree with her strategy of focusing in on certain colours. I zero in on whites and red. I have a running list of wants/needs and I use my list for all shopping - thrift included. A few of us (la demimondaine and myself) have sourced a HEWI at thrift. However, like all shopping, one should remain open to a wildcard (like Suz's Snow Princess coat).

Do you approach thrift shopping differently than regular shopping? What are your strategies when shopping thrift stores? What percentage of your wardrobe is second hand? Share your thrift shopping stories!