I shop primarily at the Salvation Army store (meh local selection) and a chain thrift shop called Frenchys that brings in transports full of used clothes from outside the province (country?).

I have very good luck getting good quality items, often unworn with tags. I live close enough that I stop in several times a week. I keep a list of what I want and I always find desired items after a few trips.

Oh, Frenchy's is special. It's a Maritime bonanza. I don't know how they do it. But every fashionista I know from Ontario or the Prairies goes to Frenchy's when on the east coast!

Fashintern, your son is adorable in his blazer!

ETA, Bridgie -- here are a couple of items I purchased from a consignment store this past year. All bought in Vancouver. 3 items from one store (Turnabout) and one from another store.

The first was my real score -- a Paul Smith linen/summer weight wool check jacket. Gorgeous! Under $50 CAD.

#2 is a Judith and Charles (Canadian design) boiled wool pea coat in navy. The fit is a tiny bit generous for me, but it has proved to be extremely comfortable and easy to wear in my new climate.

#3 is a fake MaxMara made in China dressy wool blend coat with fur cuffs and "pearl" detailing. It is the kind of thing I'd never have paid a lot for but it's fun to wear for dressy events.

#4 is a Pink Tartan herringbone wool jacket with bell sleeves and raised appliques. It's a very unusual piece and I got it for a pittance.

I shop Goodwill a lot. There's at least one goodwill in every town, and I have found some major deals in those shops.

Often, I don't find much that looks better quality than my things, but they are often in better condition than my things. My lifestyle chews up clothes, and fast; so it just makes sense to buy thrifted for my everyday stuff.

I also shop consignment for the stuff that I don't get to wear a lot. It makes high-end brands accessible to me at a price point that makes sense for something I'm not going to wear all the time.

Having so much of my wardrobe be thrifted or consigned does take a lot of time and effort, because I have to shift through mountains of blah to find those pieces I think are worth buying. It's become my hobby, which is better than some of the things I used to do for fun LOL

Gennifyr and Suz, Oh my. I never heard of Frenchy's. (My bad luck). I know I would like going to their place! I haven't researched much, just a little, looking for them here in the states. Can't find them! Gennifyr, aren't you the lucky one to live so close and find all those nice clothes.
Suz, I would never have dreamed any of your lovely clothes are thrifted.
My favorites are the pink herringbone jacket and the dressy coat. Both gorgeous.
Cindy, you have the right idea. From what you tell us how you are rough on your clothes because of work, I can see why it pays to do thrifting. And it is a bonus that you enjoy it it as a hobby. Thanks for posting. Have missed you and glad you are back.