I have joined the Forum a couple of months ago and now, I have completed a 30x30 challenge. My goal was to create 30 outfits from my existing wardrobe with as little repeating of items as possible. I have had a great time and I have got wonderful feedback, ideas and advice from Angie and many Forum members. In the process, I have also got my style descriptors - dressy dramatic. I love them. I also got a lot of compliments about my style - dashing, polished, poised, elegant, individualistic - all wonderful and I am very happy and grateful for such fantastic compliments. They all actually describe what I want my style to be. Plus playful - I love to play.

I started reflecting over my style in a way, I have not done before. What signals am I sending out through my outfits? Are these signals in line with who I really am? In particular, I started thinking about being style wise approachable. It is a concept often used in describing people's style and outfits, a positive thing to be.... not to be too polished, too pulled together, too expensive dressed, too eclectic etc. However, I am not entirely sure I know exactly what it means. I have read Angie's very interesting post on approachable style from 2011. Lots of thoughts. I would like to open this topic again.

My thoughts and questions: What is approachable actually? What does it mean to you? Do you think it is important to be approachable? Is it possible to be dressy dramatic, very polished and approachable? What are your thoughts on this topic?