I own one item in burnout velvet (photo 1) -- a top with black floral burnout pattern on the front and solid black silk sleeves/back.

I like it in theory, but every time I put it on I think: is this dated?

And yet, I notice I am really drawn to burnout velvet garments when I see them while browsing.

(I realize this is a rather dressy material and my casual lifestyle doesn't involve too many dressy occasions. But I've always worn the top I own dressed down, with jeans. )

Yes, yes, we are in a do your own thing era of dressing and you can wear pretty much whatever if you wear it with confidence and authenticity.

And there are plenty of things that aren't particularly trendy that I wear without a second thought. Yet I have trouble mustering that confidence in the case of this material. I'm not sure why!

So I thought I'd put it to the forum: *is* burnout velvet dated? In what circumstances or particulars? What might be a current or interesting way to wear this material? I think some kind of juxtaposition but I'm not sure what.

Please help me get my brain juices flowing here. I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts.

Other photos are pics of various burnout velvet items from Pinterest. They are NOT items I own or am considering. Purely for visual inspiration.

Thanks for any thoughts you care to share!

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