I don’t find the burn out dated in the first picture, but the cut of the shirt a little, maybe.

I think this look can be worn with today’s clothes, or also spun back to the nineties or earlier. I’m a super referential person, so I’d love to do it with a Blossom hat. You could also do John Lennon glasses, or a bodysuit underneath.

I agree that the burnout pattern can be very current depending on the cut of the item. Very “Daisy Jones and the Six” if done in a more boho style like those kimono toppers. I like it on others even though it’s a little too much for me personally. I’m less fond of the burnout items that skew more Chicos-ish, IYKWIM. Styling is key!

Runcarla, yes, I see those references too.

lyn76, dark romance might indeed be the best intersection with my style. I've been lowkey looking for a coated denim piece for a while, but haven't found the right one.

Sloper, oh wow, thanks so much for that Etro link! This looks right up my alley and is giving me some good ideas!!

Carol those sound like fun nostalgic throwbacks indeed!

Janet I'm very drawn to those kimono toppers/dusters too although I suspect they're one of those near-misses for my style. Trying to sit on my hands unless I become more sure.