First up, thanks to everyone who commented on round one! I’ve tried to find a way to use each of your suggestions—a lightweight, 3/4 sleeve blouse and black as Meredith suggested, a sleeveless T-neck as per Le Pedestrienne, a lighter weight cranberry top because Rachylou liked the look of the velvet one, blush pink and the blue top as SarahD8 suggested, and a swingy top for Aida. I also threw in a few more ideas of my own—possibly my first-ever bell sleeves, the old cardigan-as-shirt trick for slightly cooler days, pattern mixing with a camp shirt, a bit of waist-defining bling... I still don’t have the ice blue shade LBD suggested or a V-neck for BD.

i was surprised at how much I like 5-6. Such a plain top, as seen in the untucked pictures, but it shined somhow when tucked in with these. I don’t understand how/why that is. I also like 11-12.

15-17 and 35-36 surprised me too. I had been looking forward to both the pattern mixing and the peasant top, but they fell flat. Is it the straightness of the button-up shirt, and the straight hem of the blouse, or why are these looks so boring?

Shoes would be chosen from these three finds: light flats, dark flats, and sandals. I’d wear the floral metallic boots with them too, if I had them.

I really like the shorts, but between Germany’s climate & my Florida weight gain, I’ve scarcely worn them in the decade since I got them.

All of the blush pieces are still NWT, so trying them here is also a K/R for them.
I’m still undecided on the top with bell sleeves. I guess it’s ok with these and with the brown skinnies in the other post, but it doesn’t excite me with anything I’ve tried it with yet.

Some of these might work with the brown damask leggings too. ( ) I hope I don’t sound too much like an internet “model” saying this, but tell me which ones to try on together and I’ll post pix.

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