Sally, that is so interesting. I, too, don't like to take spontaneous bargains off the table entirely... (Consignment shopping can be a good source for that kind of shopping thrill...). In this case, I think I bought the top specifically to wear with the old skirt (so no wonder it was orphaned for a while, duh!!!). It was on sale when I purchased but I didn't buy it because it was on sale.

I still have hopes that both those dresses could come into their own given the right occasion and weather.

Love it!!! You inspired me to buy this very skirt a few years ago, and I also enjoy mine the most of the 3 others I've since purchased, in varying lengths. That's a great top, and the whole outfit is super cute.

Oh my gosh - I almost had a Ripskirt wardrobe failure in NYC last month, I slid across the back seat of the Uber to exit safely out out the other door, as one must in NYC, the velcro started pulling away and I barely had time to grab it and refasten safely as I got out of the car!