I'm sure most of us only post the best of what we wear or at least what we hope is good. We are looking for affirmation that our choices are good, that things are indeed flattering etc, or that new ideas are working well. But sometimes.......

My outfit post from yesterday is a perfect example of where posting a weird outfit ended up being valuable in a very different way. I knew it wasn't great, but secretly hoped maybe I was onto something. Nope, it was a hot mess and junky looking. Irina's gorgeously minimal and luxe looking outfit post was the perfect counterpoint and made me realize how far off track I am getting with how I want to dress.

I'm not sure why this is a recurring thing - but I'm not buying the kinds of clothes I really yearn for. Maybe it's because my all-black and quite minimal work outfits make me want to dress really differently in my off-time? I do know I don't want to wear black when I'm not at work but the slightly over the top kookiness of some of my outfits aren't the solution .

One thing I have been craving of late is a tailored luxe-looking wool coat. I've got casual parka, puffer, teddy and fake fur fatigue, and am craving some structure in outerwear. I saw a woman at the grocery store yesterday (with me in my stupid vest and fleece lined shoes) wearing a gorgeous wool plaid oversize menswear coat, plain black boots, great looking jeans, and her hair in a casual ponytail. She looked like a million bucks.

So - there is value in posting bad outfits - you can see what you DON"T want to repeat going forward and learn from proportion mistakes etc.

Anyone else craving a more tailored , luxe look in outerwear right now? If I see another puffer or parka again I might light fire to of mine .

I have the coat in my find below in olive green, but it got so badly crushed in storage over the summer that it's really creased. I have to aggressively steam it before it will be wearable again.