So I just finished week 4 of the Una challenge, which for me was as much about forcing myslef to mix things up a bit in terms of colour and pattern, as it was about varying silhouette.

My "criteria":

1. The FFBO… comfortable dress trousers and a sweater.

2. Long/oversized over lean (a silhouette which is good on me, and I need to play with more)

3. Colour

4. Pants that are either coloured or patterned (way too easy for me to wear black or navy every day)

5. A skirt or a dress

6. A wildcard or pushing the envelope a bit. This would include
copying an inspiration, or one of Angies styling recommendations.

7. And newly added: Button up shirt.

This was a more challenging week than normal, as I was on the road for three days, so was dealing with sitting in a car for hours, then wanting to be "presentable", plus the added bonus of a horrendous rain storm. Comfort was key! Oh, and on Friday DD was home sick, so I just hung out in my Lulu's

The outfits:
1. Joie tunic sweater over ponte skinnies. Long over lean.
2. New Lulu cardi over the same pointe skinnies. Volume over lean
3. New EF cardi over patterned pants... got in my long over lean, patterned pants, and colour all in one fell swoop.
4. My FFBO, which is my least favourite of these photos. I did feel better at the time than I think I look in the pics. More colour.
5. No photo, but back to the Lulu cardi over leggings for an evening of hanging out with a freind, decorating her tree, and eating chili. Uber comfy.
6. A new festive sweater, worn to go out to dinner with friends. More long over lean and colour.

So the tally... no skirt/dress, no wildcard/outfit inspiration, no button up.

Thoughts: is long/volume over lean becoming my FFBO? When I needed to dress comfortably, this is what I reached for. When I had to travel, this is what I packed. I don't think this is a bad thing, it's a good silhoutette for me. And I must say it feels good to have a few items now in this "capsule".

As always, thoughts and comments on anything and everything are welcome!

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