A member of the long-bottom club signing in! Short waist, long rise -- that's what does it!

Another one here too, except I have a long rise AND a long waist and of course the corollary, very short legs!

Have been wondering about buying an ultra high waist pair of jeans to get the 13 inches I need, for a true high waist. But a bit concerned they'll go out of fashion.

Ophelia, Polamalu is an inspiration in a lot of ways!

Suz & Anne, thanks for chiming in! You both post a lot of pictures, so knowing you’re in this club I’ve never heard of helps me figure out the guidelines better.

I’m not short waisted and I have long-ish legs; with those segments being long, I guess there’s no room for the middle one to be long too. It’s just the age-related thing Ophelia mentioned.

Anne, fwiw, I think you should get the 13” since this is a way it’s hard to find what your body needs.

Yes, I might well do. One of the difficulties with high rise though is that there are so many points of contact to get the fit right. The other, related point, is that my waist measurement changes all the time. All the best FI, you are in my thoughts.