I can't tell you how many happy clients and friends I have in the Ecco Soft 7 sneaker. It's a top pick every year for good reason. Sleek, comfy, crisp, not too athletic looking, and classic Euro chic. I've wanted a pair for yonks, but the darn sneaks are too wide, and don't come in a narrow width. I don't wear socks with low-top sneakers which makes them even wider.

I'm nothing if not tenacious. I keep on trying because I want these Scandi sneaks....

Just last week, the clever Nordies footwear SA I work with at the Seattle flagship made them work! She suggested an insole UNDER the footbed, as well as the regular one I place on top. We doubled up for my very low volume feet, and that's the trick.

Road tested and fabulous. The sneaks are going to be workhorses, especially since we're moving to a new home soon, and walking 90% of the time. (WOOHOOO. I hate driving).

I chose a new colour called "vanilla metallic" which is a lot less pink than in the stock photo. It truly is a shiny shade of vanilla - not pink - and I LOVE them. Perfect with my dressy vanilla Furla, the colours I like to wear, and effective bookending too.