For the last 20 years or so I have had a striped tee shirt (long or short sleeve) in my wardrobe.

Navy and white, black and cream, yellow and white, shades of pink and burgundy, red white and blue, turquoise and white, black and green, blush, olive and black - just to name the ones I can remember..

Some have been the classic breton style, others draped, some short sleeve - one had ruffles around the neck, a couple have had buttons on the shoulder etc..

They have been a wardrobe essential for me, and I think they still are.... I have three and the black and white is a workhorse (3-4 times a month), the duck egg and cream is mostly worn as a to and from my yoga or for the odd weekend walk, the yellow and white only gets worn once a month at the most (the fit isn't as good).

I used to be really drawn to them and wore them a lot with jeans or shorts or ankle pants or capri pants back in the day....

I still like them - but they are very ubiquitous....

Are you a fan of the striped tee shirt?

Only sometimes....

Thanks in advance.