How odd that none of the reviewers mentioned that their baggage service could take two months to cross the ocean! Not realizing/packing for that has given me a very lop-sided wardrobe. Here it is, in full. I’m taking on the challenge of making these things work for 6-8 weeks (we left Aug 1.)

If there are professional requirements for my wardrobe, I will buy, of course, but I want to see how little I can purchase. Here are my thoughts on what I’m likely to get:
-anything needed for work
-"tennis" shoes to wear casually and for low impact sports
-some kind of bottoms for working out, probably black
-jeans or black pants would fill out this collection a bit and would absolutely not be duplicating things on the way.
-a *white* tank top (even though I have several cream-colored tanks here) might be helpful too.
-a jacket, if temps get low enough

For now, I've been happy that I had a couple of pairs of Florida shorts in my laundry bag when I arrived. They and the white floral skirt are not what expected to wear in Berlin, but were just what I needed in the heat wave when we got here. I bought the sandals then.

I don’t think of myself as a powder puff kind of person, but looking at this collection, I can’t help but notice how pale many things are. Most of them (with the exception of that striped shirt) are what I’d call washed out rather than pastel, but I still think finding ways to make them look hearty/robust enough for me with those light-colored pants (NB: 1 pair is actually “primrose” pink) is going to be tricky.

Many of the sweaters were purchased over the past few years and rarely worn, if ever. Florida was just too warm for them. I am inordinately excited about being able to actually put them on for more than three minutes.

What do you think? Does this look like “me”? What major holes need filling, and what unexpected combos do you see?