The blog post suggests that having to dress for 4 seasons can result in a larger wardrobe. I get that. There are turtleneck sweaters that go unworn May to September, and tank tops that languish September to May - but they all 'count'. I don't think I've opened my hallway closet (where my outerwear lives) in 3+ months! However, these garments do take up storage realestate and factor into the clothes budget.

I seem to have unconsciously settled on 2 of each type of coat. (This does not count topper type jackets like bombers, blazers, jean jackets, cardigans, etc.) This number (8) is modest, though not minimal:

2 fabric winter coats (1 long enough to cover dresses, 1 pea coat-both black) - winter
2 puffers (1 short red, 1 long black)-winter
2 short trench coats (1 red*, 1 black)-spring/fall (*good for rain)
2 leather jackets (1 cognac, 1 eggplant*)-spring/fall (*warmer winter day)

I'm tempted by the idea of new/more outerwear but the variety I have seems to cover all the bases. Furthermore, I collect scarves and coloured gloves. I have Reynaud's and wear gloves 3 seasons. The accessories can mix and match with the coats and provides a variety of looks.

How many outerwear coats do you need/have to cover all seasons and activities?