Laura's post brought up the issue of the sentimental holding zone. Pieces that you hold on to and may never wear again. What is in your sentimental holding zone?

I have the following pieces that I am unlikely to get rid of despite maybe never wearing them again. They are either too precious and delicate or too small. But I would lend them to future family members.

  • My wedding dress
  • My Dad's wedding suit
  • My Mum, Grandmother and Great Grandmother's wedding dresses
  • A bridesmaid dress from 1995
  • Ball dresses from 1987 and from 1991

The following I keep and could wear again, one or two are tight but not far off fitting and the rest fit. The shirt was worn this year, two of the dresses in the last 3-4 years, and the fur cape has been worn to a costume party.

  • My 40th party dress from 2010
  • A bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding in 2007
  • Four occasion wear dresses dating from 2000-2010 that are a bit dated but I still like.
  • My Mum's fur coat dating from 1980
  • A family fur cape dating from the 1940s
  • A shirt that my Father in Law wore in an important sporting position in 1974.

The fur pieces are ethically tricky as I would not buy them now but I keep them and feel that is better than discarding. I am sure others would make different decisions.

Here are a few pics of the dresses and one of the fur cape.

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