This is a musing post, nothing worn nor photographed.  Angie posted something a week ago or so (in the forum) about denim and showed the pieces she has in her collection: jeans, shirts, jackets. etc.  It got me thinking about denim and how little I now wear it.....which if you had suggested would happen say 10 years ago , I wouldn't have believed it.

I have about 7-8 denim jackets in different colours, and I think I have worn one once this year.  They are one of those things I think I need to have so I go through periods of collecting them even though I don't really love them on me.  I have 2 distressed/faded black ones I am looking forward to wearing once it cools down in September, but the blues and the white one  leave me a bit cold, as it were.  Maybe a really funky collarless ecru one would be more useful?

Denim shirts?  I have one, because again I get some idea that it's something everyone should have.  I have no desire to wear it, nor any clue as to styling it to not look masculine and conservative (also capital C on that one, lol).  

Jeans?  I have many, many pair, none in any of the newer balloon, wide leg, super high waisted etc looks.  Black, all shades of blue, white and ecru.  I haven't worn any of my white jeans at all this spring/summer and the one time I put a pair on , they felt wrong somehow.  Too predictable or conservative or  missy.  Granted, I don't have any wide leg crops or funky cropped flares in white, which would maybe make a difference.  Last year, I was obsessed with updating my jeans wardrobe - thinking I was out of date and had nothing current - but finding flattering jeans I actually want to wear is really , really difficult, and moreso as I get older.  The last pair I bought were slouchy boyfriend jeans from BR (on sale) that are super comfortable, but not AT ALL flattering . *shrugs*.  Jeans are usually too hot and bulky for our summers, but even in winter I'm not finding they are my first choice for lounging around the house or going out socially. They've been relegated to grocery store runs, lol.  My obsession waned thankfully, and I didn't end up refreshing that part of my wardrobe.

Shorts?  I have 3 pair of denim shorts and they are summer staples.  Haven't had the white denim ones on yet this year.  Not sure what it is with white denim anything but I'm not feeling it, clearly.

Is it just me who is finding jeans are playing a lesser role in your wardrobe and in your lifestyle?  I'm seeing this from two sides - maybe I need to up my denim game to add that minimal /edge I'm looking for in my outfits?  Or is that throwing good money after bad, or whatever the saying is?

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to your thoughts on denim in your lifestyle .

It's a long weekend here in Canada - or Manitoba anyways.  Mixed bag of weather, but so far it's been filled with exercise .  Just the way I like it!   I've been off work for a week too - back at it on Tuesday, with mixed reactions about it