Lisa - I don't wear denim to work but it's the backbone of my weekend and off work style. Because blazers are my jam I need to tone down the bottom layer to make them appropriate for the weekend. I wear only two silhouettes - skinnies (ok I have one pair of bootcut but currently not getting any love) and they are in dark denim (paige skyline is my fav) and madewell 9" rise black, gray, denim, black coated denim and leather. Even when I'm not wearing "jeans" I like jeans style pants in my leather and velvet pants. Otherwise it's the COH emersons in various washes blue ridge being my favorite but I have the embroidered and light washes too. Short blazers for the boyfriend jeans, long blazers with skinnies. Add a embellished belt, simple minimalist knit top, booties and blazer and that's my all purpose uniform. I prefer midrise to elongate the torso on all cuts of jeans - 9" rise depending on cut is my sweet spot for both. I have two denim jackets - a black gap which is for beach, pool, hikings something where a blazer would not be appropriate but I need nicer than gear. Plus a qulited blue denim looks like a fencing jacket with silver buttons and peplum - an old Marc Jacobs designer jacket that references a renaissance doublet which is so ineffably cool I will never part with it. But jeans particularly skinnies are totally necessary for my relaxed style, I could not or would not want to live without them.

Lots of opinions on denim! I'm a denim lover - I wear jeans 100% of the time on the weekend, except when I am actually working out. I even change into jeans after work, prob 50% of the time, with changing into loungewear being my other option.

Really, I wanted to comment bc despite your on-again, off-again relationship with denim, I bought jeans you shared years ago - Gap cigarette jeans. I got them in two washes, they are still going strong, and I still get compliments on them too! So feel free to pick out jeans for me even if you are moving away from them yourself