Fabulous! Can't wait to see one of these outfits in action.

I see you changed your coat.......

Angie, you always had the most scrumptious pearls! I totally believe you had a ball simply eyeing them in your boudoir every day - but speaking selfishly, i'm happy to hear they'll be out and about again.

I've always loved pearls. DH gave me the most beautiful pearl necklace for a wedding gift and I wore it constantly for many years. Maybe it's time to wear it again. I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing yours.

Love the big pearls - can't wait to see an action shot :)!

Where did that knot video go?

I'm looking forward to seeing you in your pearls, Angie. I've always loved them.

What a great outfit! I look forward to seeing you in the pearls. I love Lisa's idea of buying herself the pearls.

Love this outfit with the pearls!

Well isn't that fun

Angie, I have been missing not only my pearls but SILVER jewelry! I loved the gold trend but I don't know why it is, lately I just want to grab the silver instead.... what about you?

I'll jump on this love festival bandwagon! I never stopped wearing my pearls (real and faux) but now I'm even more excited to wear them even more!

Let 2016 be the Year of the Pearl. Look at what I've collected.

Jennifer, I bat for Team Gold through and through.

Woohoo! Need pics!

I don't have much in pearls; I gave my mother's pearl necklace to DD2 for her wedding .
But, pearls are kind of a goal-necklace because the cool light color is so face-brightening and can liven up dark tops while looking either elegant or sporty-luxe.

Yet, it may be easy for me to look too, er, matronly in them, or maybe prim.
So, I am looking forward to fresh ways to combine pieces, in case I'd like to add some.

Angie, love to see you wearing your pearls again, and great finds. I had a similar Pearl necklace years ago but I lost it. It looked great with casual outfits. I need a new one!

So pleased! You all know pearls are so special for me and I feel so happy that others likewise love them too.

I just tried my pearls today inspired by you, but I still did not feel them. Maybe I need full outfit visual