Today we’re launching the new YLF Finds. The old YLF Finds was a place where we collected some of Angie’s fab finds. We were never happy with it. We had to add every find manually and we could never keep up with the items that Angie talked about on the blog. Also, we were the only people who could add items. For ages Angie has wanted an easy way to collect items for herself and her clients. And many other people have asked for some sort of wishlist type feature.

That’s the new YLF Finds. I describe it in some detail in today’s blog post, but thought I would do a quick summary of the important points here.

  1. You can “collect” items. click the heart anywhere you see a find, and it goes into your collection.
  2. You can collect directly from retailer websites using the bookmarklet (like you pin pictures using the Pinterest bookmarklet).
  3. You can access your collection from the places you would expect - the member menu, under your profile picture, etc.
  4. You can search yours and other people’s finds.
  5. You can attach finds to forum posts, and to forum replies.

As an example, see the items I attached to this post (below). Here are some other things that might be worth clarifying about attaching finds to posts.

  • You can add photos and finds to the same post
  • You can easily edit a post and change the items attached to it
  • You can only add items from your own collection to a post, BUT...
  • ...after an item is attached to a post you can remove it from your collection and it will remain attached to the post

There are also two limitations that I should mention:

  1. Attached finds don’t yet appear in lookfab blogs.
  2. Attached finds don’t yet appear in the YLF iPhone or Android apps.

If you see anything broken, or even just strange, please let me know. The ideal place for doing that is the technical support forum. And please don’t hesitate to start new threads. It is much easier for me to keep track of the issues when they are separate.

We’re super excited about this feature and we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.