I can't get over how cool this is! Many thanks, Greg and Angie! Most of my pins are shopping related, so I can see this being far more practical for that purpose. Ditto Aida's request for Target support.

Love all the posts upthread of people experimenting with the feature!

Ah, I see it on the Home page now; thanks Greg. I browse on my tablet most of the time and usually just go straight to Forum or Finds.

Greg, I don't know if this is possible but is there a way to allow us to be able to grab finds from external sites on iOS Safari or the YLF app? I find lately that I'm using my phone or iPad for more and more of my YLF time. And would be great to grab items while actually out and about shopping and trying things on.

I have added support for Aida's list: Target, Anthropologie, 6PM.com and Forever 21.

Diana, it is possible to add a bookmarklet to the Safari browser on iOS, but it is a tortuous process for the user. I will see whether I can simplify that in some way.

I figured it would be difficult. Would it be possible to integrate it somehow into the YLF app?

Woo thanks very much Greg!

Diana, I've been thinking about that. But if you're in the app then you're not in the browser. And to collect from external sites you need to be in the browser, right?

Unless we make an app that IS effectively a browser, but that sounds like too much duplication. Does Pinterest have a simple way to pin things from external sites on the phone? I need to look into that.

This is COOL! I love the clarity and neatness of the images. It's also fun to see what other YLF members are collecting.
Thanks to you, Angie, and Inge for this wonderful site. I only wish I'd found it sooner!

I don't use pinterest, but I do use evernote, which has a similar problem when clipping from ios browsers. Their solution is a "send to evernote" email address, but it's still kind of clunky and basically sends a link to the webpage instead of the actual clip you want. The app does have a limited browser function in which you can open said links, but again it's not terribly functional.

I love this new feature! It's totally practical for me in a way Pinterest never has been.

I'd love to see DSW, JCPenny's, and Kohl's added.

Liz, I have added DSW. The others will be added soon.

Diana, the email model is definitely an option to consider.

I use Pinterest and one of two things happens on iOS and Android. The bookmarklet OR the Share/Send feature lets you open the Pinterest app's widget or separate tab to do the job. I am probably explaining very clumsily for the tech-savvy though... Sorry! Hopefully someone with the right vocabulary can chime in too?