Below are some pics featuring highwaisted skinnies, an item I am definitively going to include and love in my style.

The grey skinnies here are Yoga Jeans; the blue denim ones are from Gap.

Pics 1-2: The new bad-ass me. Turning 50 this year, this is how I want to show myself to the world. The tee reads "Megabitch" lol. This is even more funny as I am known to be a very soft spoken, "nice" person.
Pics 3-4: Trying a cute look for teaching. Cami needs ironing: it's a cami I usually use for working out but hey, I really like the shade and the cut. I'm experimenting with sneaker's laces, I think foot on right (my left) looks more current. What do you think? Also, is this too tight?
Pics 5-6-7: Tried it with various jackets and pointy flats, and am very surprised with how much I like it. It's a pleasing discovery, since I got those shoes in 2013 and almost never wore them. They are ultra comfy to my fussy feet, and I'm glad I finally found a silhouette that agrees with them.
Pic 8: Another gym top. I don't care that the bra is showing a little. Is that bad? (But again, I'll iron before wearing outside!).
Pic 9: Channelling Jane Fonda as Grace.
Pic 10: Channelling an imaginary CANADIAN Grace lol.

Thank you for looking and for your honest feedback. Please don't hesitate if you think I should change something, if something is too tight or too much. You have given me such precious advice in the past.

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