Krish - I also think your hair looks great and was glad you explained what was going on with your nutrition. So many women (and men) are anemic and don't realize it. The simple tests they normally do a a yearly exam only show the level of iron in your bloodstream at that specific time. Eating red meat or other iron rich food before the test will show a much higher level than the person actually may have! The "Ferritin" test (and a few others) are the only way to really know how low your iron may be. Low thyroid is another cause for hair loss.

I love your attitude, Krishnidoux! I think you work all these looks, and find the crisp, lean look in #9 a particular knock-out.

I think these jeans look great on you, but I am a skinny jeans lover. My least favorites are 1 and 2, because the proportions seem off with the waistband of the jeans showing and being so high.

Aha! Thanks for the info on Grace and Frankie, and for the great visual reference. You do channel Grace (Jane) well!