They are gorgeous Angie, I love the fishnets with them too. Love them with the Furla bag. Such a juxtaposition. May be the red is the way to go for me

Your new high tops are fab, what a lovely happy color and the grippy soles will give you safe footing wherever you go.

You look amazing Angie (and Sam!). The walking lifestyle definitely agrees with you. Do you change your phone cover to match your shoes?

Now that’s a statement! Love them!

Christina, they come in burgundy. Try those. Fab under your bootcuts.

Jane, HAH. I hope so! And go Team '80s Fishnets.

Jaime, same phone cover for now, but Sam changes his collars

Thanks Joyce and Rachy. Yay for grippy soles.

OH, my God!!! This is one of your most gorgeous outfits Angie !! All are gorgeous of course but this is possibly the top of them and a perfect example of the irregular juxtaposition- my word, this is so well done with the high tops and the fishnets! WOOOOOOOWWWW!

Lyn67, thank you, and you made me laugh

I adore those mustard hi-tops, Angie! Those are going to look stellar on you!

Love sneakers, Converse and bright mustard so much. And the idea of being “polished but not precious” - you can have gorgeous, dressy style and still be ready to move and play.
Not saying you HAVE to wear sneakers to be ready to move, but you know, in case anyone had doubts, the sneakers make it clear!

Thanks, Keturah. Nice to see you pop in.

Preppy Pear, what a lovely comment

So fab!!! Somehow, the outfit has a bit of an '80's vibe even w/o the fishnets. It's interesting-your shoes/boots do photograph yellow, not mustard. Teal always photographs blue for me...#notaprophotog lol!

I'd love to see all your outfits!!!

Dana, YAY. I love the '80s

You are beyond adorable! Great outfit and love those Cons! P.S. the fishnets make me happy haha

Yay, Cheryl. Always lovely to see you

I love the mustard converse, your outfit is so cute.

Super stylish! Cosmo Edward and Callie Ann send kisses to Sam!