I committed the these extremely comfy and beautifully made leather Converse Gor-Tex hi-tops yesterday after thinking - for weeks - about whether I wanted to add mustard to my wardrobe. I woke up yesterday and my feelings told me to go for it. Calculated - yet emotional. That's how I roll.

I'm building a mustard capsule - more about that later in a blog post.

And a bad spontaneous photo of how I wore them on their first outing yesterday. Worked in the morning, but not with a client. Errands and Sam walking thereafter. Remember that my life is on foot! No driving.

I do everything in my dressy and pretty clothes - as long as the feet are happy, and I can move fast - I'm good. Polished but not precious. I forget about what I am wearing and get on with it. Fishnets are to keep the '80s alive. Navy Furla not in the photo.