Ooh fun! I love mustard shoes! I look terrible in mustard so shoes are one way to wear it with my coloring.

They are soo cool! I love the nineties feeling with the midi skirt and the blazer. Super outfit! If I hadn't bought several black sneakers already, the black pair would be for me

Snow is not for walking Snow is for looking at out the window while laying on the bed in cozy clothes and fuzzy socks with a cup of cocoa, a book, and furkids!
Failing that, seeing you walk by in sunny shoes would make me smile

Lisa P, thank you!

I'm curious. Is the mustard the thing you are "admitting" to loving - rather than opting for black? Skirt was a designer NAS top pick and it's been such a winner. It will never date. These Converse run TTS. I wear a US6.5 and that's what these are. I pop in insoles to take away excess width.

Anchie, guard them!

Sara L, that's a great way to wear mustard.

Katerina, I'm so not a '90s fashion gal, but you're right! This '90s vibe I like, with a bit of '80s throw in too

Suntiger, dead right! Although Sam would start whining for walks....

Great outfit. I want the burgundy!

I should have got mustard too. My DD doesn’t like mustard

Anchie, now THAT would have been a plan.

deb, try them, and visit rainy Seattle wearing them!

What surprised me was how much I like the rugged/chunky look, AND the mustard . I suppose it's just a case of sheer attraction to the look, not to any planned need . It would be too easy to buy them in black, but I have no need for anymore black casual footwear. I already have that look covered in a pair of Ugg high tops from last year. I remember the skirt from last year - so glad it's worked out so well for you.

Lisa P, I get it. Actually, it surprises me that I have something rugged/chunky on my feet! But they're VERY crisp and polished rugged hi-tops, so not out of character. Since mustard is a shade of yellow - that works for me too.

I just really love juxtaposition, and these boots are the epitome of it. I'd wear them with fishnets too, a sweater, and pants. And maybe a crazy coat too

Lisa P, creating irregular outfit juxtapositions is fun - especially when it's about being warm, comfy and practical. I milk THAT kind of juxtaposition. I like the sound of your outfit, which I have in mind too! After all, I will not be wearing this skirt for much longer (too cold).

Yes!!! Yay for your happy shoes!-)))

YAY! Happy mustard feet!

I recently added to my own Cons collection. This pair is burgundy -- just like the black ones you and I have -- to go with my burgundy Kate Spade handbag. The gold insets make me feel glam!

Gnarly! You’re inching your way to the dark side, Angie. Seriously, they should be great in SLC.

Thumbs up! But, you know how I feel about Converse sneaks...

Your love for your walking lifestyle is shining through! Super fun outfit!!

The 90s are definitely back aren’t they. My sister had some very similar boots to these in about 1996. Also worn with fishnets.

And I love mustard accents - I think it works with dark blues, grey, white, the right red and blush pink too.

Inge, I hope they work for you too

Laura, FABULOUS. Love the gold insets. Prince is proud of the glitz.

Peggy, YES. Perfect for SLC too.

Carla, Go Team Converse.

Sal, thank you. And fun that you did this look back in 1996!

They are super cute! I’m building a mustard capsule for S/S too. Bet you are surprised! I am

Such happy shoes!
There really is an amazing number of choices in sneakers now- what a great time for feet!

Brooklyn, that sounds fab and does not surprise me. Mustard is gorgeous with your chunky gold jewellery!

Unfrumped, you are soooo right, and lovely to see you chime in

Love this look. I really like chunky footwear with fishnets. I remember wearing them too. Mustard is a fab colour for winter.

Those are so much fun! As a gorgeous stylist I know might say, "Stinking cute!"

I adore them on you. What a great outfit with the pretty skirt.

Very tempted myself if I can make them fit. I want a little mustard capsule, too, even though it's tricky for me -- I have a yen for it this season.

Then again, I ALSO love Anchie's burgundy ones and those would work with the fuchsia capsule!

Decisions, decisions!

Style Fan, glad to bring back happy fashion memories that we wear decades later!

Suz, you're sweet and funny. Try these with your new mustard bag! Yes, the burgundy is yummy with fuchsia. Hmmmmmm......the mustard is yummy with burgundy AND fuchsia

Oh wow! I had no idea that these would work with such an elegant outfit - it is sublime. Now if I was Suz and had the gorgeous Coach bag already, my goodness, I would be tempted to get those fab shoes. Angie, you really know how to pick winners that are practical for your lifestyle too.

Bijou, you are soooo nice. Thank you.

Love this colour for you, Angie, so glad you followed your heart. The contrast with the white soles is so fresh!

Just wow! I can’t believe how much I love those shoes!! And the whole outfit...such big fun!

I am actually tempted to try them. I was considering these black sneakers to wear with bootcut jeans but the mustard is such fun.

Wow. Such a departure from what I would have expected, but then seeing them as you’ve styled them, exactly you. Which proves, again, that you are a master at what you do.


I wish these came in any other color (for me). I don’t need black and my earthy colors and I can’t s em to like mustard enough for me. It’s great for you though.