I accidentally dropped my grand dad's cardigan on my foot and walked with a limp for a month !

Hey, a blue and grey fabness here-so very simple, but still rich with the scarf(I still remember that H&M print-almost bought it too, but didn't find the blouse in my size back then and was so sad)! YLF!

Ugh! Pilling sweaters! I have vowed not to purchase any more Halogen wool or cashmere sweaters because they pill on me after the first wear and get progressively worse; I advise using caution if you are considering any. Their cotton and linen sweaters seem to hold up well.
Equipment’s wool and cashmere cardigans seem to last years and any pills that form are easily removed. I pamper my long cardigans because they pill and snag more than my other knits. I take them off and carry them separately when driving or wearing a winter coat so they don’t rub against the coat lining or seat belt. I also hike them up in back when I sit because pilling occurs when they rub against chairs if they are pulled tight around my bottom.

Your new pixie looks great! I prefer it’s crispness with your facial features.

Looking forward to seeing more once you get your full length mirror!