(Very dramatic title)

2019 marks my first full year on YLF. So what have I learned?

I was too quick earlier to proclaim I had posted my last WIW for the year, but here I am again. For the sake of sharing and a gratitude of being part of this fab style gang!

#1 and #2. My sequin disco pants. Actually too long, even for my long frame. Had them altered since I only wear flats. Toned the look down with a brown knit sweater and another thrifted blazer. Recieved a bunch of compliments on this look. Fun!

#3 Here the fit is off. The whole ensemble may be proportionally wrong for me. The top is a multi-media (?) stand alone, with an attached shirt. I love the wide stripes, and will continue to look for larger patterns like this. I feel it suits me better than small, intricate patterns. The neclace is also thrifted. Love the size of the stones. Here my flamboyant natural Kibbe persona shows through (we should wear larger, bold, dramatic costume jewelery for interest). The shoes are actually from the Zara men's collection! Black simple high tops, in the style of Converse but at a fraction of the price.

#4. Don't know what happened here. I felt I looked so much chic-er than the photos reveal! In the photos I resemble a parody preacher. Or a car salesman The trousers are new (and I said I wouldn't do more shopping this year....). Zara again, and a total downer! The worst quality I have come across in a long time. The fabric is already pilling and frayed AFTER ONE WEAR. Booooh.

Well, that's all for now, style friends.
Wishing you all a happy new year!