Thanks for posting this Suz. Interesting to see how, while you look fabulous in #1, you just don't feel you. Seems like you pretty quickly figured out the basics of your look (years 2 and 3) but it took you until this year to get all the details just right. I feel like I'm still in stage 1 - wearing stuff that looks fine, but it doesn't all feel ME.

Fascinating how a great hairstyle can tip the balance of a style transformation. Your pixie, Sarah the White's colour, Deborah's evolving A-line, Elizabeth's contemporary wedge and striking natural colour, Ceit's signature fringe and there are others.

Love the 'wear white' party theme!

Love this step by step progression! I will come back and read the replies later when I have time to ingest it all.
Funny how the first round of improvements look so much more like the 'you' style we are used to, but aren't quite there. Still, 100% turnaround from the long hair and boho skirt.

Each year is better than the year before, DARLING Suz. I LOVE the last linen outfits. This is what I think:

Killer to the power of Killer

You are beautiful inside and out. xo

(Have you collected the linen top? I want to collect it too).

Thank you so much, everyone. And wow, K to the power of K - I am floored, Angie!!

I have collected that top, yes. It's just one of their linen tees -- and I have it in my finds. I can add to the post.)

Wow, Suz, you always looked fabulous and you managed a transformation to more than fabulous!
I never thought short hair could look better than long hair but you proved me wrong here. What was your thought process when you decided to go for the new hairstyle and how did you make sure it was the right one for you? I would like something a bit different from what I have but with no fuss and I don't know where to start.
Thank you for sharing your style journey, you are always an inspiration to me.
Also, thanks for pointing out Neel's fabulous challenge. That is an inspiration, too.

Thank you so much, Joyce. You are very kind.

Cutting my hair short was really an easy decision: Angie told me to do it!! And when Angie speaks, I listen. (Note - we had not met in person at that point -- it was all from forum pictures.)

There is a backstory. I actually had worn my hair short for most of my life (with occasional short periods of shoulder length) and Angie was aware of this. So she knew that I was already prepared mentally and emotionally for short -- and I guess she saw that it would suit me better. I had always felt more "myself" with short hair (since the age of 6 or so). There was no emotional angst in letting it go. Short = freedom, to me. It's just the easiest way to wear my hair, among other things -- it's basically wash and wear.

I just looked at photos and picked through them and brought them to my stylist. I knew a pixie of some kind was the way to go, and I knew a fringe or bang would suit me because of my high forehead. I also knew I couldn't have certain styles because of my low hairline in back, and I wanted to work with my hair's natural texture, not against it, so that also ruled some styles in and others out. I love the look of a good bob, for example, but because of my rectangular jaw line and low back hair line it looks awful on me -- too blocky. I need to get the hair up above my jaw area to emphasize the eyes.

If you start a thread about your hairstyle musings you are sure to get some great suggestions. So if you are up for a change, I say, begin!

Thanks for sharing the process, Suz. I think your hairstyle is like a match made in heaven for you, plus with a recommendation from Angie nothing can go wrong.
I have always had long hair except when I was a little girl so for me it would be very difficult to go short plus I don't think it would be a good match for my features.
I will do some homework and then start a thread to see what suggestions I get.

Suz, thanks for sharing this! I remember your pre-haircut style, and it was perfectly lovely, but you really have elevated your personal style into something that transcends mere attractiveness. It now seems so much more YOU. You can see it in how you hold yourself in photos and in your smile. I don't think you give yourself enough credit -- slow learner or not, you have skyrocketed in your style!

Oh wow, Suz! I wasn't planning to log on this AM but so glad I did! You look lovely in all photos but the last absolutely blew me away. The part that strikes me the most is your face - it really glows. You look so relaxed and comfortable in your style. What a great place to be! You are such a role model to me - I really appreciate how well you articulate your style journey (and all of your well-written posts). I learn so much from you. Seeing those pants again and that tee is making me want to check them out! Perhaps I need to take a "scouting" trip to the local JCrew. I have lots of catching up to do around here and will check out Neel's challenge (and all challenges for that matter). Thanks for making my Sunday morning. You look way more than FAB!!

Hi Suz --

Always fun to see progressions!

I still love #1* and think you look gorgeous in it and the rest -- but yes, of course -- #1 is Suz in Costume, not Suz.

That's what's so annoying and intriguing about developing our personal style, isn't it? How do I convey who I am through what I wear?

It's been so fun seeing all your analysis and gut instincts merge into the choices you're making today. Thanks for sharing your challenges and triumphs!

* Funny how at least a few of us love that skirt and would take it off your hands if you still had it!

So fantastic Suz - the white linen outfit is positively spectacular on you! You never looked bad you know but cutting your hair really seemed to be the turning point in defining your style and adding a missing element somehow. You have never looked better

Your and Neel's style journeys give hope to the rest of us. Success stories like this started my posting outfits and it has helped in that I am learning from the comments as well as what is working on others. Today you have given hope to many more.
I remember when you had longer hair and what a difference that haircut made. The white linen outfit is to die for. I can hardly wait until next year's party.

How fun to see the "garden party" snapshot of your style evolution! I also loved your first look, but that's because it's more "me" than you. Now I understand how important it is to wear clothing that feels true to oneself, instead of merely looking okay or presentable. And you have accomplished that, even with all of the obstacles you faced along the way. Just look at how radiant you are in outfit number four. Everything comes together there. Kudos! I'm off to read Neel's thread, thank you!

Seriously, wow! And so encouraging to know you've gotten this far in just three short years.

Like other people have said, #1 is pretty and flattering, but just doesn't look like "you." (And it's hard to even wrap my mind around you with long hair because your current cut is so incredibly perfect for you.) So it's fascinating first to see you go from there to a recognizably Suz outfit the next year, then to watch how you've refined your signature look to take it from good to amazing.

You're a style inspiration!

I love these kinds of looking-back threads. You look great in all of these, beautiful Suz. The styles are just different. The first is more mainstream, and also feminine. In years 2 and 3 your style becomes more tailored and classic, which is a look that will always suit you. The final outfit's emphasis is on the modern which gets my top vote because it seems the most you. However I think the classic is good too. Most of my days feature classic attire as well, I just don't show those looks to you (dark wash jeans -- shorts today -- neat pony tail, crisp white shirt = my work look).I think classic will always have a place for me because it's quick, affordable (you can find well-made, sturdy pieces from brands like LL Bean, Lands End and Costco), and neutral so an excellent choice when dealing with the public.

Thanks for the suggestions, Suz. I am not going to order any bottoms from J.Crew as I figured from reading other threads on YLF that those are not made for curvy bodies but I am willing to give their tops a try this year. I will see if I can make a trip to Toronto and visit the store. (It will have to be without hubs and kids as they are never eager to go to the malls). I have to try on the tops before ordering because if I am spending a lot on an item, it should fit me well and hopefully lasts a long time.

That first pic always freaks me out a little, Suz. It's really a very pretty, nice look. I guess maybe it just seems a little timid on you, to me.

Oooh, I love this! I saw Neel's thread over the weekend but didn't get a chance to post about it. That thread and this one give me hope that I will be where I really want to be style-wise in another year or two! It also makes me excited to know that I might actually be able to ditch my blah tendencies once and for all, once I figure it all out.